Gassed is on the move!

  • Liz Renes

    Liz Renes

  • October 19, 2016

Gassed, 1918, Courtesy of WikiArt

As part of the exhibition 'World War I and American Art', the IWM sends Sargent's monumental Gassed to Philadelphia.

For further material on the work, we recommend David M. Lubin, 'War, Authority, and Blindness in British and American Visual Cultures, 1914-1922', Art History 34.4 (September 2011), 796-817; Sue Malvern, 'War, Memory and Museums: Art and Artefact in the Imperial War Museum,' History Workshop Journal 49 (Spring 2000), 177-203; James C. Harris, 'Gassed', Archives of General Psychiatry 62.1 (January 2005), 15-18.